Jenifer, King City, ON


Perfect Match

I spent more than a year looking to duplicate the cathedral arch and black cherry colour of my existing cabinets. I found the colour ok but all I could find everywhere was boring old flat front, shaker or Roman doors until a friend introduced Cavalli. I made several trips to their shop. It took a couple of trips, a number of phone calls and talking with company reps until we decided on the Cavalli. I was tickled silly when the Cavalli Rep said to mail you the door for the colour matching. To me, that meant we had a really good chance of getting a good match. If I had known how perfectly these would match I would have gone with the solid door and saved a couple hundred dollars but at this point, I am very happy with the glass doors, the colour and arch match nicely and since I never put on knobs, I don’t have to try to find matches for them.